December 13, 2016

Gift Ideas for Teens

Great Job for Teens


Is your teen expressing interest in looking for their first job? We recently asked on Facebook what your first jobs were, wondering if much has changed since we were kids. It hasn’t, most of the great jobs for teens haven’t changed. I remember what it was like starting my first job. I started on my 16th birthday at a BBQ restaurant and thought it was the coolest job ever! Getting to spend that first paycheck and buy whatever I wanted without having to ask my parents was the coolest feeling in the world! So We wanted to put a list of some great jobs for teens together for you, so you and your teen can look over it together and decided what kind of job would be perfect for them to pursue!

Here are some great jobs for teens:

  • Babysitter- If your teen is good with children, babysitting is always a good choice! Whether it’s for family members, friends, or new employers, babysitting is good money, teaches good life skills, and is helpful for all involved!
  • Grass Cutting- A good summer job for teens. Good pay,and  gets them out in the sunshine. It can also keep younger kids close to home.
  • Fast Food- A lot of teens first job are at a fast food restaurant.Working at a restaurant teaches lots of valuable life lessons such as accountability, people skills, money handling, and timing. Most restaurants require you to be 16 to work though.
  • Retail- If fast food is not for you, then a job at a retail store might be the perfect thing. Most of the same benefits of a fast food restaurant, and there are many different jobs available at a retail location. A Cashier, Stock assistant, etc.
  • Waiter- This would be idle for older teens, 16-19. Can earn good pay, great for learning people skills, and most restaurants will work around school hours.
  • Kennel Assistant- For those teens that love animals, kennel assistants are great jobs! Getting to watch over the animals, feed them, take them for walks, and make sure they are cared for can be very rewarding.
  • Movie Theater- I worked at a movie theater when I was 16, and it was one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had. Whether its working concessions, ticket booth, or cleaning crew, this is a fun job to have, and bonus, they get to watch all the new movies early. Unless you want to work late into the night, this is a great weekend job for teens.
  • Lifeguard- Better for older teens that love spending time outside. There is a CPR training class, among others, that is required for this job. The CPR alone is a great skill to have, and keep for future jobs. This would most likely a summer only job, unless you found an indoor pool, or gym.
  • Farm Hand- Depending on where you live, a local farm would be a great place to work. Picking vegetables caring for farm animals, and anything else the farmer might need. It is hard work, but rewarding, and lots of lessons that can be carried on the rest of their life.
  • Housekeeper- Cleaning houses has skills they will always need, and they can work for a company, or for themselves with people they know.

These are just some great jobs for teens I’m sure there are many others according to where you live. What was your first job? Let us know in the comments below!

Also make sure to check out jobs kids can have for great jobs for your younger children!

Here are some great books on finding a job and preparing for it:

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teens

Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

  1. Spalding Over the Door Basketball Hoop — $25.19
  2. Vans Authentic Skate Shoes — $59.05
  3. Swagtron Electric Self Balancing Scooter — $349.99
  4. Playshion Freestyle Skateboard — $68.88
  5. H2H Varsity Baseball Bomber Jacket — $42.50
  6. Nixon Newton Watch — $74.99
  7. Vaschy Water-Resistant Backpack — $39.99
  8. Apple iPad Air 2 — $378.95
  9. Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle — $290.00
  10. Eagle Claw Telescoping Fishing Rod and Reel — $28.37
  11. Guitar Pick Punch — $22.95
  12. Beanie with Built-In Bluetooth Music Player — $19.99
  13. Beats Solo 2 Headphones — $139.00
  14. Rocktech Waterproof Sport Speaker — $45.99
  15. ESP Electric Guitar — $299.99
  16. The Manual to Manhood Book — $10.60
  17. Polaroid Cube Camera — $99.99
  18. GoPro Hero Camera — $129.99
  19. V Rocker Video Gaming Chair — $89.00
  20. JT Sports Paintball Marker Set — $134.95

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

  1. Remington Studio Curling Wand — $24.99
  2. 18K Gold Plated Name Pendant and Necklace — $29.90
  3. Colors Reversible Sequins Mermaid Pillow — $14.80
  4. Sorel Major Carly Boots — $159.95
  5. Apple Rose Gold iPhone 7 — $718.75
  6. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker — $129.95
  7. Kate Spade Tortoise Sunglasses — $92.30
  8. ASUS Transformer Book — $209.99
  9. Bestope Hair Straightening Brush — $24.99
  10. Swagtron Electric Self Balancing Scooter — $349.99
  11. Kate Spade Beryl Green Earrings — $38.00
  12. Ollio Classic Lace Up Flats — $24.99
  13. Sephora Color Anthology Palette — $49.00
  14. Paul Frank Hooded Onesie Pajamas — $23.99
  15. Michael Kors Crossbody Handbag — $148.00
  16. Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera — $59.00
  17. Mermaid Tail Crocheted Blanket — $29.80
  18. Silver Metal Light Up Marquee Letter — $10.91
  19. Crosley Cruiser Turntable — $67.49
  20. Plantronics Bluetooth Headphones — $179.99

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