November 7, 2014

Glowing Halloween Costume DIY

Halloween Costume DIY

Halloween Costume DIY

My daughter’s (11 and 13) came up with this Halloween Costume DIY project. They were able to be seen and they stayed warm. I used 3 packages of small, 1 large, and a very small amount of packing tape. So out of pocket $5 costumes for 2 kids!

How to make a stick figure Glowing Halloween Costume DIY project:

You will need:

glow sticks

  • Black sweat pants
  • Black hooded sweatshirt
  • Several packages of bracelet sized glow sticks. Any color. They come 8 to a package at the Dollar tree and are 8 inches long
  • 1 Package of necklace sized glow stick. Any color. These are 4 to a package at the Dollar tree and are 22 inches long
  • 1 roll of clear packing tape


Lay your sweats out on a flat surface. Crack the glow sticks and shake them well. Place the glow sticks on the legs of the sweat pants holding them in place with a piece of packing tape. For the arms you can repeat the method used on the legs or you can use 1 long necklace sized glow to stick using the tape to hold the ends in place.


Place 2 bracelet sized glow sticks down the middle of the hooded sweatshirt using tape to hold them in place. Use 1 long necklace sized glow stick and using the connector supplied connect the ends. Tape this glow stick to the inside of the hood of the sweatshirt.

Turn off the lights and watch them glow!

For more Halloween Costume DIY projects check out our DIY Halloween Costumes round-up.

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