Giving Back Packs 2015 – School supplies are so important!

Giving Back Packs 2015

Hello and welcome to our 3rd annual Giving Back Packs event. This year we were blessed with very generous sponsors and lots of bloggers who volunteer to help. We are so fortunate that we are running 3 separate campaigns.

Aldi Giving Back Packs Campaign 2015

So the idea behind the #GivingBackPacks project is that each and every one of us can do something to help others and we should. If a large number of people come together to give back in a small way we can make a BIG change. We asked bloggers to participate and help one child by filling one back pack and donating it. We search for and secure sponsorship so that we can help those bloggers help someone in their community because we truly believe that we can make a huge impact in the lives of just one child each and that ripple will grow and grow and someday make a huge impact on the world. We are overwhelmed by the response of the blogging community and the sheer numbers of bloggers who want to help out. We are also so very grateful to our sponsors who have great enthusiasm for our Giving Back Packs project and whose generosity makes it possible. A little bit more about our sponsors:

#GivingBackPacks with Wonderful Almonds, Wonderful Pistachios, and Fiji Water.

The Wonderful folks provided back packs, almonds, pistachios, and bottles of water in addition to $25 gift cards to each of our bloggers to help them stuff a back pack full of school supplies for a child in need.


Aldi’s is providing bloggers with $25 each to shop at Aldi’s for school supplies to fill their back packs.

#GivingBackPacks with Project Gravitas

Project Gravitas has a mission to empower and inspire confidence in women. Towards that goal they are also sponsoring bloggers and enabling them to fill back packs as well.

During the month of August, our bloggers will share their stories on their own blogs. They will be sharing tips for buying school supplies. They will be sharing stories about why they participate. They will be sharing stories about where they are donating the back packs. I hope you will find their individual experiences inspirational.

school supplies

We hope you will enjoy reading all the posts from the bloggers who have volunteered their time, money, and efforts to help a child get off to a great start this school year. We all need the right tools to be successful and we believe having school supplies will help children do better in their studies. You can help too. Read, comment, and share the posts, tweets, instagram photos, and Facebook posts whenever you see the hashtag #GivingBackPacks. By sharing you may inspire someone else to do a random act of kindness or help someone in need. You too will then be making the ripple of change grow even larger. Thanks!
Giving Back Packs Campaign 2015

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