Gifts In Jars: Oatmeal Spice Cookie Mix

Gifts In Jars:  Oatmeal Spice Cookie Mix is a repeat request among my friends for Christmas gifts!

Gifts In Jars

This Gifts In Jars can be stored for later use – up to 3 months after the holidays.

Layer ingredients in the order given in a 1 quart WIDE mouth canning jar.  It will be a tight fit, make sure you pack each layer firmly before adding the flour mixture.  As you pack each layer down make sure you are doing so evenly around the jar.  After each layer, brush down any crumbs from the inside of the jar.


Makes 3 dozen cookies.

Variation:  If you prefer other dried fruit such as cranberries or figs use those instead of or in a mixture with the raisins.  Chips (butterscotch, chocolate, cacoa nibs, peanut butter or a mixture of all of them) may also be substituted.  In the above recipe pictures a mixture of butterscotch and chocolate chips are used.

If you would like to make your own topper labels Amazon has labels that fit the top of a regular mouth canning jar perfectly.  When decorating a topper label you can make a design, family motto, or a message to make the jar look more professional.  If the decoration for your Gifts in jars is such that you don’t want to detract from the looks of the jar with the directions label, use a round label and attach it to the BOTTOM of the jar.

Gifts In Jars are simple to make and even simpler to give.

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