October 11, 2015

5 Ways to Make Money From Home

Get Paid Quick – 5 Ways to Make Money From Home


 Get Paid Quick

Do you want to stay home? I work from home and I have for the last ten years. I have figured out a way to add to our household income without leaving my home. I sometimes think I have lost my sanity because working at home is often a lot on top of being a parent. I happen to have a very frugal husband and I have a Kate Spade problem. I have however figured out a way to find Kate Spade Cheap and I also figured out a way to make enough to buy them and the essentials we needed. I figured you would like to know how to get paid quick  from home.

Get Paid Quick

1) Become a sweeper. What is a sweeper? Sweeping means be someone who goes and enters contests on all blogs every day. We have several. You can always go to our realadvicegal.com/contests page we give away money, designer purses, iPads, gift baskets and more.  I also host twitter parties and I invite you to participate we give away gift cards all the time. Follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/realadvicegal. This is how to participate in twitter parties.twitter-party

2) Shop and resell items on eBay and in local facebook groups. I make a lot of money on eBay and I have also found creating a facebook group to sell stuff if a great way to get some extra cash.

3) The first way is to become a sweeper. What is a sweeper you ask? Am I trying to make you into Cinderella? No, a sweeper is someone who enters contests. I know there are several sweepers who enter contests on websites like mine and do rather well for themselves. One of my friends and readers did just that and won $10,000. I know gasps! This is how you become a sweeper. How to make money sweeping. One of our writers Rachelle was a sweeper and she used to win prizes from our site. She actually won her job with us. I do however think I got lucky on that one.

4) The fourth way that actually will make you money is to not spend money. I know you need to change your habits and think about things you can do cheaper. We have a ton of ideas and they work. I have paid off three kids college funds and recently we paid off our house. The less you spend the more you make.

Save money on car insurance

Frugal ways to save money

Do not forget to check out our living on 30,000 or less articles they helped me get my act together.

Ipage website

5) The last way is to get a job from home. You can easily set up a website for under $5.00 a month and sell stuff. I highly recommend reading my post on easy website building. I put up this site no experience at in 30 minutes. Angellsschoolofdance.com . You can see how I make money blogging 10 things a blogger should consider.

I might as well you give you a bonus idea to get paid quick from home. I hire people all the time on my job board.


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