Game of Thrones Bathroom Redo Featuring Behr Paint!

Game of Thrones Bathroom Redo Featuring Behr Paint!

Disclosure: I was provided paint from the wonderful people at Behr Paint to facilitate this review, no other type of compensation was offered, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own 🙂 



Do I have any Game of Thrones fans out there!? I for one am a HUGE fan, and when I had the opportunity to work with Behr Paint I knew exactly what I wanted to do. As some of you have seen, I recently did a Butterfly Room Redo Featuring Behr Paint for my daughter, so I was super excited to team up with them again for this Game of Thrones Bathroom Redo!  

Our bathroom was in sad shape before this room redo due to someone coming in to replace or tub and leaving a big mess behind. No seriously, after we paid him he vanished. Classy eh? So let’s see what my bathroom looked like before….



So there it is, the dreaded before photos. The bathroom itself was ok before, but around my tub was awful! Broken drywall, cracked caulk around the outside of the tub.In short,  A mess. So getting this project done was the highlight of my weekend for sure! I grabbed my husband, daughter, and a gallon of Behr Marquee Paint and got to work!



While I taped off the doors and mirror, my husband caulked the tub, and my daughter kept us entertained by singing some songs! After we prepped it was time to paint! You guys, I can not say enough great things about the Behr Marquee line of paints. The colors are gorgeous, go on evenly, and dry quickly. It really made this bathroom redo quick and easy! The color I chose for this project was called Twinberry and reminds me of a glass of dark red wine (Cersie would approve!) and looks wonderful with all the accents I chose!

Speaking of Accents…here is how I brought my Game of Thrones Bathroom Redo together:

GOT-2My inspiration for this game of thrones bathroom redo was an awesome poster I got at a tattoo and horror convention that was in town a few months ago. If you are a fan I’m sure you will recognize that beauty as Daenerys Taragaryen (or Khalessi) who happens to be by favorite character. But a bathroom redo can not be done with a poster alone! Let’s check out some of my favorite accents I added:


I found these awesome Khal and Khalessi Pop Charterers  on Amazon and knew they would be perfect for the “His and Hers” side of the counter! I also found an awesome wall sconce (also from Amazon) and I think it gives my bathroom a great Castle feel that I was going too. I also found a great LED lamp from Ross that flickers and looks great with the lights off. I had a hard time trying to find a dragon show curtain that wasn’t under $50, so I decided to go with a Crow shower curtain to give a nod to The Night’s Watch, which is another favorite part of the show for me! (Even if Jon Snow knows nothing lol!)



So there you have it! How I transformed my bathroom from drab to fab (And my own little slice of Game Of Thrones) with some great accessories and a great Behr Marquee paint color! 

Would you ever have a themed room in your home? Or do you already have one? Let us know in the comments below!


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