March 28, 2013

Fun and Cheap Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Spring Break Staycation

It’s that time of year again – Spring Break. It’s the one week all school-age students have in the back of their minds once Christmas break is over, the one week during the spring semester that students get to be free. It’s fun for them…but what about for you, the parents? How do you keep your children entertained during their free week?

Here are some ideas to have a fun, relatively cheap Spring Break Staycation ideas that keep you close to home without boring the kiddos to tears:

1. Check the local museums and parks for specials. As an example, the children’s museum in my town has specials all week and is open special hours. Spring Break is the perfect time to take your children to a local art museum, children’s museum, zoo, aquarium or something similar. Most have discounts for children’s admission, and some may even admit for free since it’s Spring Break.

2. Have a day out at the park with friends. If the weather cooperates in your area, gather some of your children’s friends [and their parents], and have a picnic in the park. Have each family volunteer to bring a dish of some sort, bring plenty of blankets and sunscreen, and have a group picnic. It’s a great way to let the kids run off all that pent-up energy they have, and it’s a way for you to relax and share fun memories with friends.

3. With Easter just around the corner, Spring Break is the perfect time to start dyeing Easter eggs. I bought an egg dyeing kit from Walmart for less than $2, used eggs I already had at home, and spent about an hour dyeing eggs with my 4-year-old son this past week. If you have older children and want to get more creative than a boxed kit, Pinterest has some awesome ideas for egg dyeing, as do other sites such as Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart.

4. Check any local sports organizations for camps. Our state’s National Basketball Association team hosts a spring break camp that is very popular; other organizations, or even a local YMCA, may do the same. Those could require you to spend a little more money, but it will keep your children active!

5. If you don’t mind spending a little more money and want to get out of the house but not go far, do a night on the town – dinner, movie and overnight stay in a local hotel. Even if you don’t have the time for a trip, it’s always nice to get away from home and stay somewhere new. I used to love staying in hotels when I was younger [still do!], and your children may feel the same way. Also, you won’t have to worry about doing the dishes or cleaning up for one night. Bonus!

Spring Break is always fun, but as parents, it can be stressful to figure out what to do to keep your children from either sitting in front of the TV or complaining about being bored all week. Hopefully, these ideas will help jumpstart a spring break full of fun for you and your family.

Thanks to Ebonie Hill-W. for this Spring Break Staycation post.

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