August 13, 2015

I have to admit I have a new love in my life…

Before I turned thirty… let’s just say …something,  my absolutely favorite food was ice cream. Actually it still is but now my older ahem more mature body no longer agrees with ice cream. I did not want to admit that ice cream was the source of my discomfort but I have finally regrettably had to concede and stop eating ice cream. I miss my frozen friend but I am moving on. I have found a new frozen love and it is so sweet and very kind to me and has far fewer calories.

 Meet the new frozen love of my life: Fruttare!

 Fruttare Strawberry frozen treat
Strawberries are my favorite fruit so the flavor I decided to try first was of course strawberry.  Oh Fruttare Strawberry where have you been all my life. Ice cream? Ice cream who? I only have eyes for you now Fruttare Strawberry. That was until I met Fruttare Pineapple. Who says I can only have one love?
 Fruttare Pineapple frozen treat
Since we have met my new favorite frozen fruit bar and I have been to the pool, enjoyed a swing on the hammock, and relaxing on the deck. I may have curled up on the couch with my new friends once or twice this summer too…shhhh.
Frutarre Strawberry the new frozen love of my life
My new favorite frozen fruit bar is so easy to love. Fruttare is available in nine refreshing flavors and every variety is made with real fruit. For those of you who have not had to break up with milk you may just find yourself falling head over heels for Fruttare Coconut and Milk, Fruttare Banana and Milk, or even Fruttare Strawberry and Milk. Don’t worry I won’t be jealous there are plenty of Frutarre frozen flavors for all of us to share. I have future rendezvous planned with Fruttare Mango and maybe even Fruttare Lime. Scandalous I know.

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