Frugal Ways To Save Money

Frugal Ways To Save Money


The truth is most people do not have enough money. We all want more. I found that you can have “more” money by following these 50 tips. The reason is simple if you are not spending it on crazy and unnecessary stuff then you will be able to save it for the things that mean the most to you. These are 50 Frugal Ways To Save Money  that I use and I feel like we are really working towards our goal to put three children through 4 years of college and to retire by the age of fifty. Well my husband will retire I can’t see myself not working. We feel like we have achieved  financial success already but there are always ways to evaluate what we are doing and do it better.

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Frugal Ways To Save Money

1) This is the best frugal ways to save money post we have.. it is our version of the $5 savings plan. The list was created by ourselves and our readers the premise is if you can not spend $5 each day by changing your habits then your savings will grow.

2)   Drink Water it is cheaper than anything else you can buy and it is better for your body. If you put more water in your body than you will be healthier. Here is a list of foods that help you lose weight.

3)    Use things that you have at home to Save Money on Exercise Equipment

4)   Color your own hair  naturally ( going blonde blonde  going brunette naturally)

5)   Use beauty products made out of stuff in your kitchen Body wash, body scrubs, and even shaving cream

6)   Buy your coupons.. buy them because cutting them waste time. Organize coupons in a coupon binder.


7)   Only buy what you need for your house. That is right keep a list and use it!

8)   Use websites that have done the work to find the best deals.. saving time is also saving money. This is a great website to use for finding the best deals.

9)   Organize your errands into geographical locations

10)  Only go to the grocery store once or twice a week

11) Double your meals so you can freeze the second one buy ingredients for a specific meal is costly. Like my freezer calzonesor my other freezer meals

12) Make your own laundry soap this saves me hundreds of dollars a year


13)  Plan dates and go on daily deal sites to buy coupons

14)  Have a budget and carry it with you (out of site out of mind)

15)  Do nice things for other people. It will make you happy. If you are happy you spend less money.

16) Determine what your needs are over your wants.  Then pick one want instead of all of them.

17)  Pay off your bills weekly. I pay my bills every Wednesday.

18) Organize your stuff so you know what you have and you do not over buy. You can see my tips for organizing shoes.

19)  Use apple cider vinegar it has tons of uses and is cheap!

20)  Develop a quick cleaning plan. You get more done in a clean environment. We even have carpet cleaning tips

21)  Have Sex (Make Love) if you are in a committed relationship. Yup, you read right.  No, my husband didn’t ask me to include that.


22) Make a menu Plan so you can plan what you are eating and you are not tempted to pick something up or go out.

23) Buy a case of water and stick it in your car. When you or your kids are thirsty you have drinks.

24)  Buy a water bottle that keeps your drink cold. Carry this bottle it will save you money on food and drinks. I have this one.

25)  Buy gifts when they are on sale. I have a list of the people we buy gifts for on my phone and when I see something that screams their name and is on sale I just buy it. I also buy birthday gifts for people and put them in my cabinet for safe keeping. It allows me to buy expensive gifts for 70% off retail.

26) Buy the right bra

27) Spend more money on tops than bottoms. You only really need a pair or two pairs  black pants, a pair of tan pants, and a couple of pairs of jeans.

28) Make your own accessories like our ruffled scarf

27) Go to the dollar store there are a lot of items you currently use for a lot less

28) Have a must buy price list

29) Use a grocery check list

30) Work out at home using save money or exercise equipment using free videos found on Amazon or youtube

31) Buy Amazon prime you can watch movies and videos for free and borrow one book a month for free coupled with the free shipping it is a steal!

32) Go to the library and check out books

33) Look online for free kid’s activities

34) Organize a clothing swap

35) Save money on winter clothing for children by shopping ahead and other cool tricks in this post.

36) Find a friend with children close to age and size of your children so you can trade clothing.

37) Buy a coat that has layers so you can unzip the layers instead of buying three coats.

38) Go to a late lunch because it is cheaper than dinner.

39) Find local parks and take your children to them,

40)  Find Free Apps for your children we have a great collection of Free Apps for Kids


41) If you want to learn something new look it up on youtube!

42) Buy toys for next year two weeks after Christmas because they are all on sale.

43) Always have snacks in your car. You never know when someone needs a snack.

44) Once a year check your auto insurance. Your cars are a year older and your driving record is a year longer so you can most likely get discounts.

45) Close doors of rooms that you are not using. This keeps the rooms warm or cold depending on the air or heat.

46) Buy and extra blanket and put it on your bed and turn down your heat 2 degrees to save even more.

47) Trade and barter babysitting services with friends.

48) Go to community based entertainment the tickets are less expensive and it is a night out and a time to support the community.

49) Watch the sales flyers and stock up on the food you buy the most when they are on sale.

50) Once a year call your cable, internet, and cell phone service providers to see about getting a discount. They can also determine if you are on the most cost effective service plan based on your past year of usage.

What are your frugal ways to save money?

frugal ways to save money

Frugal Ways to Save Money: Getting Out of Debts Tips

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