January 28, 2014

Frugal Ways To Save Money: Camera Bags

   Frugal Ways To Save Money

frugal ways to save

I decided that I was going to share with you Frugal Ways To Save Money.  I think using your brain is the best way to figure out ways to save money. I recently bought a camera and a new lens. The camera was very expensive as was the lens. I realized I didn’t have anywhere safe to keep these item. I started to investigate camera bags. I was shocked to see they started at $100 and the cute ones that I liked were around $300. Truth be told I had spent all my money on the equipment and $300 is almost as much as the lens I am saving for.

I began to think about what a camera bag is. It is a bag with a compartment that keeps lens and the camera body safe. I did what everyone would do and I went to amazon and I searched. Camera bag inside. Then on page two I saw Camera Bag insert. Yes, that is what it is called. I came across a couple of choices. Then I went up stairs in my closet and I pulled out my bag and purse collection. I tried to decide which bag would be most useful as a camera bag. Then I found a purse I had that I could fit a camera in. I found a brief case and two tote bags. I measure out what the inserts would be to try to get an idea of which one would fit.

Then I put the camera and the lens in each box and visualized the additional padding. I decided I had a good chance at making three bags I had on hand into camera bags for the cost of the insert.

Clik Elite CE510RE Capsule Small (Red)


Here are some more pictures of what I put in my Clik Elite case. Then you can see I used two of my purses. The camera I have is the Canon 6d

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