Frugal Kid Fun: Calming Bottle

Are you looking for something Cheap and Fun to do with your kids?

Each week I bring you a craft you can complete with your child that is fun, edcuational, and frugal! When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew I had to share it with you! The point of the bottle is to give it to your child when they are having a tantrum or when they need a time out.

Calming Bottle

Plastic Bottle
Hot Glue Gun
Glitter Glue
Food Coloring


1. Clean bottle and remove label.
2. Squeeze about 2 tablespoons of glitter glue into the bottle.

3. Add hot water and shake to mix.

4. Add glitter and a few drops of food coloring.
5. Apply hot glue to the lids and seal the bottle.
6. Shake the bottle and hand it to your child when they are having a meltdown or a time out. Tell them to let you know when alll of the glitter has reached the bottom. It should take about 3-5 minutes for the glitter to completely settle and by that time your child should be calmed down a bit.

Educational Acitivies:

  • Science: Have your child predict what will happen when you mix the liquids and other materials together. Talk about other mixtures and you can experiment with differentitems such as salt and water, powdered drinks and water, etc.
  • Math: We used a measuring cup to fill the bottle but estimated with the glitter glue. You and your child can use tablespoons and other measuring tools while creating this craft.

I originally saw this craft on Pinterest using a jar instead of a bottle. That made me nervous so I switched it to plastic bottle.

Thanks to Sharon at Mom on Dealz for this frugal kid idea!

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