Free Printable Back to School Checklist for Parents!

Free Printable Back to School Checklist for Parents!


A new school year is almost upon us! I don’t know about you, but I’m always afraid I’m going to miss something so I made this back to school checklist to keep myself on track, and I thought some of you would benefit from having it as well! Back to school time is exciting and a little crazy too right? My little one keeps going back and forth between being excited and being scared. I like to make sure she is part of the back to school planning process to help ease her into a great new year! 

 Here is what I include in my Free Printable Back to School Checklist:

  • Register your child for school- The process for this is different for every school district, but it’s always important to know the process and timing!
  • Schedule Doctors and Dental appointments- Depending on how old your child is you might need some immunizations, or just a general check up. I like to get dental cleanings out of the way before school starts too so they don’t miss any school they don’t need to.
  • Get School Supply Lists- I like to do this as early as possible. I don’t want to be in a sea of parents the week before school looking for that must have yellow folder.
  • Set a Back To School Budget- We do this as a family before any shopping starts that way we know exactly how much to spend, and don’t end up spending big bucks on that lunchbox my daughter just “has to have” and will only use 3 times.
  • Confirm any before or after school care- Setting up daycare/babysitting/ after school sports early will make your transition easier, trust me lol!
  • Get a copy of the new School Year calender- You will want to know this when planning any before school/mid year vacations or family outings!
  • Schedule a haircut for your child- Make sure they are looking their best for that first day!
  • Review what your child learned last year- Making sure it hasn’t leaked out of them all summer will be a big help to your child’s teacher!
  • Start changing your child’s eating/sleeping habits early! Getting your kids up at 6 am when they have been sleeping until 10 am (or later!) every day is going to be hard enough, start early to make it easier!
  • Fill out school paperwork- some schools allow you to print it out and bring it with you, it will save you SO much time!
  • Take your child grocery shopping for the new school year- Let them be a part of the process of choosing what they want to eat! It will help develop healthy eating patterns earlier in life.
  • Get excited about the new school year! It’s a brand new year, be excited and embrace it!

Get your FREE Printable Back to School Checklist!


Now you are ready to start the new school year! What are some of the ways you get prepared for a new year? Let us know in the comments below!

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