March 16, 2013

Fluvanna County Schools Need Funding

Fluvanna County Schools Need Funding

It is becoming increasing apparent that we need to make sure the parties that are responsible for funding our schools know that they need to actually fund the schools. Fluvanna County Schools Need Funding this isn’t optional it is imperative. It is so important that people like myself who do not even have children in the public school are outraged take action. How does it impact me? Well, if the schools are horrible the value of my house will be impacted. The first question a potential buyer with a family asks is, “How are the schools?” I also understand the importance of an educated society.  I encourage you if you live in Fluvanna County to sign this petition to fund the schools.
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FUND the SCHOOL SIGN up NOW ——-> I am ready to help <———–


You can find out more information on Fluvanna School (Lack of) Funding  at the Fluco Blog or the Fluvanna Review

I again ask that you sign a petition for the future of our county.  Fund Fluvanna County Schools 


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