September 16, 2015

Flare Kids App Review

Flare Kids App Review

Flare Kids App Review

Are you tired of worrying about what your children are doing on their tablet? I can’t tell you how many times I have walked in on the under the cover table hiding with some channel that was not on my approved list. The response they had been I was on the right think, and this just came up. That is most likely the truth when you are on the internet you end up far from where you began. This is especially dangerous when it comes to children. I am a mom of three children, and I want them to stay safe on the web. I was asked to review this new app called Flare Kids. I agreed because I wanted to be able to control what my children were doing.

Flare Kids App Review

Flare Kids is an app that provides choices in what children friendly Television are available to view on the tablet.

Flare Kids App

This is what Flare Kids allows adults to:

1) You can create a personal profile for each child.
2) You can limit the channels available for each child to choose.
3) You can create a tablet interaction that is both personal and appropriate for each of your children.
4) The channels that are available on FlareKids offer educational and entertainment channels as a parent you can allow both or only one.
5) You can easily view from the parent area the amount of time and what your child watched.
6) You can adjust at any time the permissions of the app as your child grows and develops.

The FlareKids app is easy to install directly from the app store.

<img src="" alt="Flare Kids App" width="700" height="395" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-533541" />

Then the app walks you through the setup it will link directly to your email account, and you will create a password that assures what you set up stays as you want it. I found that the FlareKids app allows me to be a better curator of the content my children are a watching and for a time limit that I feel is appropriate. Our new rule is FlareKids, or you may not use your tablet because it is the only way I can be sure that my kids are viewing shows that I approve.

<img src="" alt="Flare Kids App" width="700" height="395" class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-533541" />

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