April 10, 2014

Fight Childhood Hunger

Fight Childhood Hunger

This post is written by me on behalf of The Motherhood, ConAgra Foods, and Kroger all opinions are mine.

Did you know that nearly 16 million children in the United States aren’t sure where their next meal will come from. More that one in five children, including more than one in four Latino children, in the US may not know where their next meal is coming from. That is enough children to fill 8,000 playgrounds or nearly 16 million children.

ConAgra Foods finds that unacceptable and has partnered with P&G to help encourage people like yourself to make a difference by buying their products and entering  a code if we all did this 7 million meal could be provided.  Child Hunger Ends Here is a program that anyone can help with.

Do you know what it is like to be truly hungry? Do you know people who are hungry? I saw it first hand and it broke my heart. I used to teach and seeing my students on Monday morning was hard after a weekend with limited food. It was also difficult to send them home on Friday without food. I would buy food for my students and tuck it in their backpacks. I was luck enough to directly impact those children. You can do the same.

The kids that were hungry were tired and not able to complete their work effectively. I used to bring in food on Friday to send home with the children since I knew they would most likely not have a real meal after lunch on Friday. I often think about what I can do to help children who are without the food they need. The greatest gift I could give to those children is a warm meal. This is easily done using the program ConAgra Foods created. You simply buy one of their amazing products and then you enter the code on a website. ConAgra Foods will handle the rest.

I have seen the impact in person. I have been part of this campaign over the years because it makes a difference. You can make a difference.

Buy one or more of these products at Kroger. Look for the Tack.

tack  <—– find this on the products below to participate

ConAgra Foods


ConAgra Foods

You can see the products on Kroger’s web page  <——-


Once you get your product home click on the Childhood Hunger Website <——— you can enter the code on the top of the box there to help provide meals. I know so easy you didn’t even have to make a mess of your kitchen in the process.

childhood hunger

The best part is you can save money on your favorite products at Kroger. You can get a great deal and provide a meal to a child in need. Here the link to Kroger’s Coupons



Child Hunger Ends NOW with your help! You can make all the difference. Please, participate by entering your codes and sharing this project. You can stay in the “know” by following Child Hunger Ends Now on  Facebook at Facebook.com/ChildHungerEndsHere or follow the news on twitter, instagram at @ChildHungerEnds
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