January 23, 2014

Felt Flower Pattern

Felt Flower Pattern

Felt Flower Pattern

I keep seeing these awesome projects with the felt flowers. I had no idea how to make them. I soon realized how easy it is to make them. I decided having a Felt Flower Pattern would make your life easier. These little flowers can be used to enhance a hat, bow, wreath, present, card, and even be used on shirts and on a necklace. The fact is once you figure out how to make these the possibilities are endless. I made some out of felt and some out of paper. I know a lot of people make them out of fabric.

  1. You will need:
  2. Pencil
  3. Scissors
  4. Paper
  5. Fabric or felt
  6. Thread
  7. Needle

There are a couple of ways to make a felt flower pattern. The easiest is to grab a cup, mug, plate, or bowl depending on the size of the flower you wish to create. Then you fill take that object and put it on the fabric, paper, or felt that you wish to create the flower out of. You will then proceed from the middle to make a dot in the center. The center can be found by folding the circle in half and half again. Once you have a dot in the center make a small c and then proceed to circle and circle. Do NOT forget the pattern at the bottom to print out for you.

felt flower patterns

I traced a bowl for this pattern.

felt flower pattern

You can try to do this with precision but the truth is roses aren’t precise.


Then you start at the bottom and cut around in the circle.

felt flower pattern

You can do this one of two ways to get two different looks you can either start rolling the flower from the center like the image above or from the edge of the circle. The looks will be completely different.

This is an image using paper and I did both rolling from the center and rolling from the edge.

paper flower craft

The flower on the bottom is two flowers one made starting with the edge and inward and the flower on top is starting in the middle to the outside edge.

Once you have wrapped your flower than you glue it together. I then go further and use thread to stitch it. I used white so you can see on this image

valentine wreath

Felt Flower Pattern

I can’t wait to make a necklace when I do I will share what it looks like with you. This is what I used my felt flowers on my Valentine Wreaths

valentine wreath

You can see how I made this awesome Valentine Wreaths.  This can be used for every holiday just change out the color story.

Get our printable Felt Flower Pattern!

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