Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day gift ideas can be difficult after you exhaust the “normal” gift ideas. We have tried a few different gifts over the years. Many ideas for Father’s day include ties, socks, handkerchiefs, belt, tie shaped/ decorated cake, framed pictures, pictures with recordable frames, remote control holder, coin holder, pocketknife, car ‘toys’ (sunvisor holder, music cd’s, car coffee cup). The following gifts are a couple of unique ones that we enjoy giving and can not be bought therefore are considered priceless!

The one that the children enjoyed the most was getting a bunch of different candy bars and writing a poster board sized card using the candy for words in the card. For example, “I wanted to give you a 100 Grand.” Instead of writing 100 Grand simply glue in the candy bar. My husband loves a sweet snack each afternoon so the candy will not go to waste and is not actually spending anymore money than normal. (It actually ends up less expensive because I shop the sales and coupons while he may grab a full price bar wherever he may be at 3 in the afternoon!) I enjoy hearing the sentences the children come up with but if you are writing on behalf of toddlers or just need some help several ideas are available online if you search for “Father’s day candy bar card”.

In addition to making our own cards we have also made Memory books- similar to a scrap book for the year. Have the children make a page for each month. If pictures are not available then have the children draw the pictures. If you have pictures then you can simply make a photo book using a service such as Walgreens or Shutterfly. Free offers are frequently available around Mother’s and Father’s day. I personally think the hand done pictures and notes are more precious! In preparation for next year, you can have the children do one a month and file it to be bound together for Father’s day. Office supply stores charge a minimal amount for hole punching and comb binding pages. You can have a Grateful Memory lane theme such as Thank you for taking me to the park or Thank you for buying me ice cream. If your husband is a workaholic then perhaps ‘Thank you for providing for me’ would work. Another possible theme is an “All about Dad” book with sentence starters similar to the “All about Me” books children frequently make in elementary school.

A few possible starters include:

  • My Dad’s name is (children may fill this in with Dad or Mom’s nickname:)) for Dad!)
  • My Dad’s job is
  • My favorite thing to do with my Dad is
  • I love my Dad because
  • When I grow up I want to be like my Dad. I want to
  • My favorite day with Dad was when we
  • I would love to spend time with Dad (doing what?)
  • I remember when (most embarrassing moment? good memory?)

These sentence starters could be typed and printed on blank sheets for the child to finish the message and add a picture (photo or drawn and colored). Though binding the sheets together is important the method is not…staples, brads or a report cover could be used! Enjoy the process of making the gift as well as cherish the result. While you are at it why not go ahead and print the sheets for Mom too (then you will have activities ready for those rainy days or empty moments that inevitably happen in the summer.) File and save the results for Mom’s birthday or Mother’s day next year! You can do this for yourself by simply not allowing yourself to see the answers, just put in a file or envelope 🙂

Thanks to Rachel Case for sharing these Father’s Day gift ideas!

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