June 10, 2013

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers day gift ideas

Father’s Day is coming up! We all love the men in our lives but sometimes it can be hard thinking of a gift. A lot of us have the same stand-bys for Father’s Day. But you come to a time when you realize that dad doesn’t need 55 ties. Some like to find the newest gifts that they can. Well this guide will make it easy for you to find some great gifts for all kinds of Dad’s and all kinds of budgets! This guide is broken up into categories for the different types of men in our lives. So if you are looking for an awesome and unique gift for Dad then this is the guide for you!

Gamer Dad (For the dad that likes video games)

Sony Psp Go– The newest hand-held game available through Sony the PSP Go is smaller than the origial PSP system. It comes with a whopping 16GB hard drive to store all dad’s games! No more carrying around discs or memory sticks! It has built in Wi-Fi so dad can download what he wants when he wants. It also has Bluetooth which enables dad to be able to do things like video chat via Skpe and connect to friend’s PSP Go’s for multiplayer gaming!

Prices starting around $250.00

Fast And Furious Showdown – Just released this month the Fast and Furious Showdown is a great driving game. Dad can take down dangerous international gangs that can only be stopped by him and his Fast & Furious crew! Great for hours of entertainment because believe it or not dad plays more than you think! Available on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PC.

Price $30.00

Fishing & Outdoor Dads

St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod – This is for dads that love stream and pond fishing. This is really really great fishing pole (reel not included)! You can spend hundreds on fishing rods but with the St. Croix rod you get a great rod without having to sell the farm! This rod has 4.5 out of 5 star review at basspro.com.

Price $99.99

Swiss Army Victoronix Series Knife w/ Leather pouch – This is a really great find through Swiss Army! I found a great Swiss Army knife on sale at swissarmy.com. This is a great gift for any dad really because there’s nothing dad wouldn’t use in a Swiss Army knife! You can even have it personalized in dad’s name! Also it comes with a great leather carrying pouch.

Price $24.99

Sports Fan Dad’s

Ride Along In A Stock Car– Whether dad is a Nascar fan or just a car buff, you can purchase tickets to have dad go on a ride along in a stock car! This is not available in every area, but it is available in quite a few. Also not as expensive as you would think. Prices do vary depending on the area. This would surely be a Father’s Day gift that the man in your life would remember for the rest of his life! I found a great site called Cloud 9 Living where you can purchase this. They also have some other great one of a kind gift ideas. You can check out the stock car ride along here:

Prices starting at $150 depending on day and area

Personalized Sports Team Beer Mug – This is a great gift I found on Etsy. An ethched glass beer mug with dad’s name and favorite sports team! You can choose and sports team which makes this a great gift if dad is a fan of a hard to find team. Since the glass is etched the design won’t rub off or peel over time. You can check them out here:

Price $20

DIY Dads (Home Improvement)

Leatherman Tool a.k.a multi-tool – Leatherman is the premier maker of multi-tools. These are a bit different than Swiss Army knives. More for home improvement and DIY dad’s Leatherman tools have a assortment for full size tools and knives all in one! Prices do vary depending on what style you want. A true Leatherman tool can start at $20 for a keychain style up to a large Full-size version with 19 different tools for $150. Visit leatherman.com for authorized dealers and prices.

Price $20 – $150

Tool Box– Sometimes when we think of our DIY men we think tools. But they do need places to put their tools! These kinds of dad’s love tool boxes! Believe me if you get one they will fill it! Depending on your budget you can get a lot of different styles of tool box. Basic tool boxes start at around $15 with prices soaring into the hundreds. You can get a basic style, a large chest style or even a truck bed toold box! The opportunities are endless!

Price $15 and up

Fitness Buff Dad’s (The dad who likes to excercise)

Fit Bit One Wireless Tracker – The Fit Bit one is a great gadget for our health concious dad’s. This device tracks everything even sleep patterns! Dad can keep track of stepes taken, total distance walked, stairs climbed and calories burned. Also mointors sleep patterns to help get a better night’s sleep. Has a silent alarm which avoids waking others in the morning! This has Bluetooth technology which enables dad to be able to sync wirelessly with a tablet or smartphone! Can also hook you to a PC to help set goals, view progress and even lets dad earn badges!

Price $84.99 amazon.com

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – These are great for dad’s like like to run or walk! Bluetooth headphones sync wirelessly with a bluetooth enabled phone to be able to play dad’s music without wires when he’s on a run or walk. There’s many of different options available depending on your budget.

Prices starting around $20

Culinary Masters (The dad that likes to cook)

Wusthof Classic Hollow Ground Santoku Knife – Every dad that fancies himself a chef needs a good knife! The forged blade is tempered and hardened steel for years of use! Also weighted and balanced for easy of use. This knife is a little pricey but one that will get plenty of use for years!

Prices starting around $69.95 crateandbarrel.com

Jokari 229483 Salt Shaker – This salt and pepper shaker is uniquely designed to pour the exact amount of salt everytime. You twist the top to the measurement required for the same amount everytime. Also can be used as a table shaker which can help the health concious dads as well!

Price $6.66

Coffee Dads

Kopi Luwak Coffee – Said to be the best tasting coffee in the world Kopi Luwak coffee is one of the rarest coffees in the world. Small animals eat called luwaks by the locals live off coffee cherries. Farmers then go and extract the coffee beans from the luwaks excrement. This gives the coffee what is known as the best taste in the world. This is a great gift idea for dads that love coffee or are hard to buy for. Their gift boxes are hard wood with etched designs. All gifts come with a personalized gift card free of charge.

Price $79.99 for gift box

Golf Dads

Personalized Golf Balls – A dad who plays golf can never have too many golf balls! It can get a little boring buying the same thing. I found a place that has personalized golf balls! You can tell dad that he’s a great golfer or just put his name so it’s easier for him to find his ball when he’s playing golf with his friends! You can get a dozen blank balls for $12.95 or find dad’s favorite brand and get them personalized! Check out golfballs.com for details.

Price Starting at $12.95

Izzo Collapeable Golf Cooler – A great find for golfer dads! This cooler can collaspe for easy storage between use. It’s great for having to keep dad’s drinks or lunch cool when he’s out on the course! A must-have for golfer dads!

Price $19.95

Gadget Dads

Touch Screen Rubik’s Cube – This is one of the coolest tech products I’ve seen! this is great for dads who like puzzles or dads who like tech gadgets. This is a Rubik’s Cube with a twist. Instead of having to turn this cube dad can touch the different panels to match up colors. There’s a device inside that locks each side when in use! These can be hard to find but I did some reasearch and found an online retailer that has them in stock. A must have gadget for the tech savvy dad.

Price $210

Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror with squeegee – This is a great gift for dads who like gadgets or dads who are on the go. You install this mirror into the shower to make it possible for dad to get a great shave in the shower! It even has a shelf for his razor! It’s surrounded by LED lights to help dad get the best possible shave. This mirror will also NEVER fog up! It has an easily adjustable bracket for multiple users. Also with a built in squeegee to get the water drops off. You fill it up with hot water when you get in the shower which keeps the mirror the same temperature as the shower so there’s no fog! This product is available through The Toilet Tree.

Price $49.95

I wish you all happy shopping and Happy Father’s day to the men in your lives!

Thanks to Tiffany B.  for sharing this Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

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