January 6, 2012

Fashion Friday: What not to wear in 2012


I love Fashion but I hate paying tons of money to look great. I believe you need two things the knowledge of what looks good on you and the skill to find it for less. I encourage you to get rid of all the items in your closet that you do not wear. They cloud up your options to make really great outfits because you can’t see your clothes! If they are in good condition sell the at a consignment store or a place like Plato’s closet, or host a clothing swap. Clothing swaps are a blast!


  Here is my advice if you look in the mirror and “think does this look good.” The answer is take it off. I mean you know if something looks good on you or not. If your teenager wears it you should not. If you would be confused for a teenager take it off and give it to a teenager that needs clothes. I also say get rid of the mom jeans. There is a reason why they make bras and your jeans are not meant to hold up your boobs.

  If your boobs are showing cover them. When you bend over if you can see your belly button pick a different shirt. If you bend down and I can see you “plumbers” crack get a belt. If you have underwear with words on them make sure they do not say, “your boyfriend says hi” especially if you are married. That mean read your underwear carefully prior to selecting it. I did not.

  You should also not wear anything you wore to bed in public. That means take out your hair rollers when in public. The point is to have nice curls that people think are natural. Do not spoil the myth. You should also not wear sweat shirts with kittens unless you are in elementary school or a nursing home. I am also here to advise you that the hair cut where you shave one side of your head and not the other was not a good idea in 2011 and it is not a good idea in 2012.

   It is important to note that in 2012 you should not wear any clothing that you can find in a box at CVS. You should also not carry a purse that looks physically looks like an animal. If you choose to wear tight please do so under a dress. They are not meant to be worn without something on top. That is why they have the lines and the crotch thing.

   I also advise not wear flip flops in the winter if it is cold out. Yes, I saw someone in a winter coat and flip flops. If you have are going to wear shoes winter shoes are suggested. You can not make your “sandals work” by wearing socks. This is also true with flats. You should wear knee highs not white running socks with flats.

   The last request is from one of my fans, unless your house is on fire, you shouldn’t wear pjs out of the house. I think 2012 will be a wonderful year filled with happiness and laughter and more fashion disasters. I look forward to helping you avoid them

What do you think people should not wear in 2012?

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