Fashion Friday: The Suit


I love Fashion but I hate paying tons of money to look great. I believe you need two things the knowledge of what looks good on you and the skill to find it for less. I encourage you to get rid of all the items in your closet that you do not wear. They cloud up your options to make really great outfits because you can’t see your clothes! If they are in good condition sell the at a consignment store or a place like Plato’s closet, or host a clothing swap. Clothing swaps are a blast!

  If you are looking for a great suit for yourself or your spouse. This is the time to pick one up. I know it is summer and you are not thinking of a wool suit. That is why they are on sale. I bought my husband a Calvin Klein suit for $79.99. I got it on clearance at Marshals. I know this suit retails for $400 in the major department stores. We will have to get the pants hemmed but that is a $12 expense. It is always a good idea to buy items out of season. I know my husband needs two or three new suits a year so I shop all year long to make that happen. I would rather spend $400 on three suits than $1200 or three suits. I know he needs them and I know when to look for them. I would head to your nearest Marshals, Tj maxx, or Ross store and see what they have. I have been known to buy everything I think will fit and have my husband try them on at home and return what doesn’t fit. This also makes my life easier since dragging him to the mall or the store to buy a suit is torture on both of us. I guess he is a lucky guy since I am usually able to pick out the perfect suit for a great price.