August 12, 2011

Fashion Friday: back to School Saving

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It is that time already. The time to empty your empty wallet and buy school supplies and school clothes. I am a mom of three and two are in school. I often think I work just to keep them from being naked. I have come up with a couple of tips to keep my expenses down and my children in style.

1) Hand me downs are super!

The tip to receiving great hand me downs is find a friend or family member with a child who is older than yours. Then you ask for their clothes when they are done. I also organize a clothing swap with parents in the neighborhood. I find that if you have a large number of people you can score a lot of great items.

2) You need to go on a treasure hunt and really document what your child has. You need to look everywhere and anywhere and take a n inventory. We often overbuy and that is wasteful. (I am still mastering not overbuying for my daughter the fashionable two year old.) I take my list that I keep in my purse. Then I mark off items as I buy them.

3) Buy items as you need them and when you see them on sale. I often see people that rush out and buy their child’s whole fall wardrobe at once this is quick but not inexpensive.

4) I use my credit card rewards from Discover Card to buy gift cards.  I put everything on my credit cards and every Thursday night I pay it off. This way I “extra” money. They also have deals where when you use your reward dollars you can buy larger amount credit cards. It is like getting free money twice.

5) Buy items when they are on sale and use coupons. I also ask relatives to give the kids a small gift and gift cards for holidays. Then when it is time to go shopping they are able to budget. There are also several sites that you can buy other people’s gift cards for less than the value of the cards. I love plastic jungle and I have been able to snag cards at 20% off. Then I pair those cards with a coupon and I have a huge sale on the items the kids need.

6) Sell their old clothes and use the money to buy new clothes. I sell clothes at the local consignment shop or on Craigs list and on ebay.

 Here is a link to ALL my fashion secrets.

What is your best school shopping tip ?

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