March 7, 2016

How to Prepare for Family Vacation with Baby

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How to Prepare for Family Vacation with Baby

Easy Tips on Packing for a Trip

Spring Break is just around the corner, and I had some tips I wanted to share with you to help to make packing is a breeze and to keep you organized during your trips even with your little ones. I rely on and trust Huggies Snug & Dry diapers to get through my trips without accidents every time! I’m going to share with you How to Prepare for Family Vacation with Baby.

Snug and Dry diapers keep my baby dry!

One reason I choose to shop at Sam’s Club is because I love to buy in bulk. Buying diapers in bulk reduce my cost tremendously! I am also able to buy online with Sam’s Club to order everything I need then I just walk in, pay and pick up my items that they have pulled for me. I have little ones, and shopping isn’t always an easy task, but with this convenient option was a win-win for this momma! This option can save me up to an hour of my time. Plus by shopping at Sam’s Club for Huggies Snug & Dry, I already save $10 because of their incredible prices. Here’s the good news on March 9, 2016, Ibotta is also offering Sam’s Club members another $7 off when you purchase Sam’s Club Snug & Dry diaper too.

Snug and Dry keeps my son dry all night long

How To Get Organized for A Family Vacation with a Baby

How many times have you left for vacation or even a trip to the mall for that matter and you forgot the diaper bag or you grabbed the diaper bag and no diapers? No More! Family vacation with baby can be difficult that’s why I want to share with you my tried and tested packing tips, so you can relax knowing that you have everything that you need. There is no reason to worry about forgetting anything if you prepare early. These tips will help you get organized as well.

Step 1: I keep a kit in my car at all times so that I don’t have to rely on the diaper bag, and I can maintain the diaper bag full that way when I do go to the store it’s still stocked and ready for that adventure! For my car I keep a small tote, I fill one side with my trusted Huggies Snug & Dry diapers and the other end with the other essentials, Wipes, which I prefer the Huggies One and Done – It does get the job done! Then I have diaper rash cream, vaseline, powder, lotion, nasal spray, nose suction tube and, of course, diaper baggies to keep your car smelling fresh if there is no place to dispense the dirty diaper. Keeping full and stocked can be tricky, but I just bring in my tote when I see it getting low fill it up and bring it back to the car immediately, so you aren’t missing it the next time.

snug and dry diapers keep my baby dry!

Step 2: Same goes for my diaper bag. I like to keep it full enough for at least two or three quick trips, if not more! When going on big trips, I don’t stuff the diaper bag full because then I end up pulling everything out to get to everything I need. That’s when the tote comes in handy! I can keep my diaper bag for about three changes, so it is not overstuffed.

Step 3: Finally, the big trip is coming up! When I was a new mom, I have forgotten to pack diapers, and then there were times I brought Way To Many! I figured out the best compromise. So about one or two weeks before our family trip I just kept a log of how many diaper changes I had. I just averaged it out when it came time for the vacation. For example, my son used 5-6 diaper changes a day, and I knew we would be gone for seven days. So I packed him 7 diapers per day that we would be gone. I then kept 5 extra diapers in the diaper bag. So total I packed 55 diapers; 40 diapers in the suitcase, 10 diapers in the car tote and then 5 in the diaper bag.

Step 4: To pack efficiently, I use space saver bags. I will pack my kids clothes by the day. I put the shirt, pants, socks and underwear altogether. That way I am not trying to match clothes in a dark hotel room! I pack extra zip lock bags for dirty clothes so smells out of the new clothes that we will wear. Your suitcase will be organized and stocked ready for your big adventure!


Snug and Dry keeps my babies dry.Thanks to Huggies Snug & Dry diapers we can make it to our destination without leaks or blowout because of Huggies 12 hour protection. Huggies Snug & Dry keeps my babies bottom dry and clear! There is no other place I would buy my diapers than Sam’s Club! They are always in stock, and I can either go there to shop, use Sam’s Club click and pull option if I have the kids and in a hurry, or I can even shop online and have it delivered to my home! I love getting Huggies delivered to my door.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars because starting March 9, 2016, you can save even more! Ibotta is offering an addition $7 off Snug & Dry at Sam’s Club coupon. I keep in touch with Huggies on Facebook and @Huggies on Twitter for more tips and savings.

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