Seven Ways Face-to-Face Interaction Can Help Grow Your Business

Seven Ways Face-to-Face Interaction Can Help Grow Your Business

Seven Ways Face-to-Face Interaction Can Help Grow Your Business

Do you remember the first time you met the person you love? I bet you can think back to what they had on, where they were, what they said, and how they made you feel. Maybe you remember the funny story they told you about their first kiss, or the time they ran out of gas on the side of the road. You can probably remember how they focused on your every word, or maybe they didn’t pay any attention to you at all, but you were determined to make sure they remembered you.

Finding true love can also happen at a conference. You can find a business partner that loves your brand as much as you love theirs. You have that opportunity to pitch, converse, connect and form long-term relationships. These magical moments you remember do not happen as easily in an email. When you meet someone face-to-face, you get to talk about the things that make you unique. You get to read the other person’s body language and know where to direct your conversation, and you are able to form ideas, plans, and projects that make sense together.

I think back to all of the Blogger Bash conferences I have attended, and I look at the impact they’ve had on my business. The benefits of face-to-face interactions are the cornerstone of who I am and where I want my business to develop. I know that meeting the people behind the brands in person has lead me to more opportunities than I could have imagined and it all started by getting “in their face.”

7 Benefits to your business of Face-to-Face Interaction

1. You become a real person to the brand, rather than an unknown email address.
2. You are able to find commonalities between yourself and your business and the brand.
3. You have the opportunity to become more educated on the brand’s product line, getting information directly from the source, which allows you can design better pitches.
4. Brands will have the opportunity to learn more about your business, which they most likely wouldn’t have done otherwise.
5. You become important in their plan because you are able to immediately handle any objections they have, and solve any potential problems upfront.
6. You can share your knowledge of the digital world and become a valuable expert.
7. People hire people, and meeting in person gives you the chance to stand out as an individual with a personality that fits the brand. Long story short: If the PR or brand manager likes you, he or she is more likely to hire you.

Attending Blogger Bash is like shooting fish in a barrel. Where else would you have the opportunity to form relationships with more than 150 brands at once? They are ready, willing, and able to hire bloggers. They are attending the conference because they know how important bloggers are to their marketing strategy. They are there waiting. So will you be there to benefit from face-the-face interaction?

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