April 13, 2012

Endless: Fashion you can’t find elsewhere

   I have a big fat secret. I become fashion obsessed with clothes. The item above was my obsession. I saw it at my local department store. It was out of my budget but I know that some times there are sales. I also hadn’t finished saving for my big spring purchase. I have a jar full of change and every season I dump and splurge. If I want something this expensive I drop clothes off at the consignment shop to make up the difference. I fell in love with this Kate Spade purse. I searched high and low and they didn’t have this purse anywhere. Then I went online and Endless was the only place I could buy this.

   I did. I saved up and I had it shipped to my house. I put it on. I change into 6 outfits. I walked around with the purse. I picked up my kids with the purse. Then I realized this purse wasn’t the one because I decided on another Kate Spade Green purse. I wear it everyday! I love it! The good news is I shipped this one  back. I received a refund right away. I didn’t pay for shipping and I was able to use my amazon gift cards on the endless site! That is right with Amazon gift cards  you can grab designer goods at Endless.

What would you buy if you could from Endless site?

Save During the Friday Deal at Endless.com

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