The Ultimate Guide to Educational Activities in Mexico


Educational Activities in Mexico

Are you looking for an Educational Activity in Mexico? I know I was. I am so tired of my children’s faces being stuck to a tablet. I knew I had to find something that was both educational and interactive to keep their attention. When we disembarked off our cruise ship in Cozumel, Mexico. I sought to find Things to do in Cozumel Mexico. We were traveling with my sister and her three kids. You know I have three kids of my own so we had six children ranging from 3-11. We were hard pressed to find a spot that everyone would enjoy and that we the parents wouldn’t be bored to tears.

things to do in mexico

We were pointed in the direction of the Pueblo Del Maiz by our tour guide. You can read where I found my tour guide in my things to do in Cozumel Mexico post. It was the best Education Activity in Cozumel Mexico. You would be hard-pressed to find a better all around immersion experience that depicted the Mayan culture and contribution to the heritage of Cozumel than the one we attended. I was truly surprised because when you pull up to the tour location you will not be blown away by the surroundings. It is rustic. When you enter your tour you aren’t really sure what to anticipate from the experience. I assure you go with the flow it is a journey worth taking and one you and your family will remember for a long time.

Educational activities in Mexico

Educational Activities in Mexico is a narrative and interpretative tour. You will be part of the Prehispanic ceremony. You will be invited to have your face painted if you wish. The guides will explain what you painted face expresses and why. You will begin to understand the plight of the native Mayan people from their use of the land to their practice with volcanic rock. You will learn why chocolate was so important to the Mayan civilization and you will even learn how to make your own.


The chocolate making experience was one of my favorites. I had never seen chocolate in its true form. The chocolate was added to a couple of other ingredients to make a delicious treat. The children actually participated in its formation as part of the tour. The chocolate was my favorite but the making of the tortilla was a hit with all the kids. The explanation of how they are made and then they are able to actually produce their own was incredible.


I, however, identified most with the rituals that we were shown. I loved learning about the beliefs and practices of the Mayan people. It was incredible to be part of their village for an hour to see how it used to be. We were able to touch, taste, smell, hear, and see what it was like to be a Mayan.


This educational activity in Cozumel Mexico is one as a teacher I recommend for all learners ages 0-100. You only need an open heart and mind a bit of imagination to place yourself back in time. The tour did allow for photography and they did place you in the scenes so you could be part of the culture of this prehispanic village. The sense of purpose depicted in ritual and music was a song whose melody my family will remember long after our trips conclusion.

I suggest you reserve your spot for your next visit to Pueblo del Maiz

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