October 30, 2013

Ebates Review

Ebates Review


I need to buy lipstick. I learned MAC was not going to sell my lipstick anymore. I opened up my account on Ebates because MAC is never on sale. I noticed Bloomies was having a sale and I would get 6% back on my purchase. That is 6% right off the bat. I really want a designer purse so I put the one I want in my cart just to see if I would get the special event pricing just for Ebates customer.




I was so excited. I have not saved enough to buy the purse yet. I just wanted to see how much I would have saved if I bought it using the ebates discount. I encourage everyone to sign up for Ebates it is worth it. I get checks all the time.

ebates 2

You can see I am huge fan check out my Ebates Review and see how much I saved

You can see how much my big fat check was for this year… this is FREE money just for shopping. I know crazy but true


If you look at the example above by using Ebates I would have saved almost 100.00 then add in the 6% that would be almost $30 in cash back as well. I better get back to my coupon match ups so I can save enough to buy that purse.

Ebates  <—– sign up here

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