June 4, 2013

Ebates Review: the great Frugal Debate

Ebates Review

Have you been following the great debate? The great debate is who is the best shopper? We are giving you a real Ebates review. They gave us $150 and told us to shop. You can see round one here I am totally winning Ms. Pittsburgh Frugal mom. I already won because I am an Ebates shooper . I got paid $120+ using Ebates you can see my Ebates check.

Ebates Review…..

I need Work Clothes on a Budget so I decided as part of my challenge through Ebates. The company that provided me with an awesome gift card to preform shopping feats of heroic proportions.  You can check out my new dress that I bought for a song.  think buying a dress is super but the secret to building a wardrobe is accessories they change any look.

I logged into Ebates and I went to Claire’s where I got 3.5% back. I then selected 3 pairs of earrings, two bracelets and hair clips. I spent $11.84 and $6.00 shipping so $17.84 plus my dress…. $34.99. That is just $52.84 of the total. That means I have $98 left to spend so far I have over.

work clothes on a budget Dress So  I spent $34.99 and saved  $54.51 and that 3% back is an even bigger savings. Can you tell why I think teaching people about Ebates and a Giftcard would make a super advice to college grad.

The jewelry was$11.84 and $6.00 shipping so $17.84 the retail was $52.50 so I saved $40.66 +3.5%

So I have spent $52.84 total on the dress and jewelry.

Saved 54.11+40.66 (dress+ jewels) $94.77 I wonder what I can do with the $97.16..

I will total up the amounts with the cash back at the end just to show you that it does add up.

Ebates Review

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