May 22, 2013

Easy ways to organize

Save Time and Reduce Frustration with these Easy Ways to Organize

One of my biggest frustrations when cleaning up around the house is the areas of clutter that sprout up. I have picked my Top 2  worst offenders and will show you how to organize them.  Organizing just a few areas will save you time and reduce the stress associated with the clutter.

 Easy Ways to Organize

Your Fridge

Does the side of your fridge look like a collection of papers,receipts, pens,magnets, to do lists and more.

Start by pulling everything off your fridge.

Go thru Each Paper, receipt, to do list, etc. and sort into piles (Keep, Shred, Recycle)

For your Keep pile, check and see if they are things you need to File Away or things you need for activities coming up.

Take action on your 3 piles and now you should be left with a Simple Stack of Things to Keep.

Invest in an Organizer you can hang on the side of your fridge. We used the Thirty One Hang Up Home Organizer but you can find similar organizers at your local store.

Organize the remaining papers by what they are needed for and store them in a pocket.

Hook your Calendar to the Organizer and keep a pen or two in one of the pockets, so you are never without one.

Now you can find what you are looking for quickly and without the stress of sorting thru stacks of papers.

Your Charging Cords

With 4 people in the house owning phones, tablets, mp3 players and more our Charging cords are a constant bundled mess. Trying to find which one goes to which can be overwhelming. I fixed that problem with just Christmas Labels (you can also use regular labels or masking tape.)

On the tag,write what device the charger goes for. Then wrap it around the cord near where it will plug into the device.

For an even neater approach, Buy a basket with holes on the sides (ours came from the Dollar Store) and thread the cord thru the holes. Each cord gets its own hole. Now when you plug in your device you can store it neatly in the basket.

Now that those areas are organized what area are you going to organize next.

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Tell us your Easy Ways to Organize Tips in the comment section below.

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