Easy Ways to Organize your Drawers

Easy Ways to Organize your Drawers

Easy Ways to Organize your Drawers

Say Good-Bye to mess with these Easy Ways to Organize Your Drawers

Do your drawers look like this? I will be honest that is what I found when I opened up my daughter’s dresser. Scary because we have strict rules about that here. I know what she will be doing today after school. So I put my head together and had to think of a better way to organize drawers because it seems we are always pulling out things on top to see what is at the bottom.

So with this easy ways to organize drawers you can avoid that and see everything you have in one glance.

Step One: Remove everything from the drawer

Step Two: Go thru the clothes and make sure they fit and you will wear them. If not put them aside in a donate pile

Step Three: Lay out the clothes on your bed or flat surface.

Step Four: (Shirts/Nightgowns) Cross the arms across the back. (Pants/Shorts) Fold one leg on top of the other.

Step Five: (Shirts/Nightgowns) Fold the sides in so they meet in the middle.

Step Six: (All) Fold up from the bottom. (usually about 3 times)

Step Seven: Take the folded item and place in the drawer like you would index cards in a box.

Now every time you open your drawer you can see exactly what is inside.

I love this Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider. You can use it for kids’ clothes or for your other stuff. Another interesting drawer organizer is this Evelots Honeycomb Drawer Organizers.

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