Easy Ways to Organize Your Desk

Easy Ways to Organize Your Desk

 Messy Desk got you down – Check out these Easy Ways to Organize!

I do not have enough room in my house to have a dedicated office so I have spent the past years juggling my computer, files,and office stuff between my step-son’s bedroom and my living room (We have converted into a dining room.) I was given a desk and after weeks of putting off organizing everything, I sucked it up and got to work.  I took everything from both places and just piled it all on the desk and around the desk. This picture is only half of the mess, I was surrounded by.

With these Easy Ways to Organize My Desk went from Mess to Fresh!

  1.  Lay all your stuff out so you can see what you have.
  2. Tackle your stack of papers by sorting into 4 piles : To Do, Shred, Recylce, File
  3. Go through all your pens, markers, and pencils and make sure they work.
  4.  Inspect your desk supplies (stapler, whole punch, adding machine, tape dispenser, etc. and make sure they work. Get rid of any duplicates or create a quick office area where you do the mail or school paperwork.
  5. Group all your mailing supplies together, discard any old mailing labels and used envelopes
  6. Once everything has been sorted, you are ready to tackle putting it all away.
  7. Take pocket folders and label them with the information they hold. (bills, permission slips, medical records, etc.)
  8. Place folders in Magazine Holders, categorized by Category (Home, Work,School)
  9. Use baskets or storage container to store pens, pencils, rubber bands, erasers and paper clips.
  10. Place all mailing supplies in a basket or cubby on the desk.
  11. Use a slotted file holder to put your “To Do” Papers.
  12. Place pens, pencils, highlighters in a cup or “upcycled” candle holder.
  13. Store desk supplies together and in easy reach.
  14. Use a power bar to plug in your computer and electronics. This way you won’t have to unplug things to plug in other things.
  15. Finally make sure to shred, file, or recycle the papers you initially sorted.

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