Easy Kid Smoothie Recipes: Strawberry & Nutella Smoothies

Easy Kid Smoothie Recipes

We’ve featured some yummy easy kid smoothie recipes over the last couple of months. I have to admit – I’m not really a smoothie fan. I am, however, a huge Nutella fan! And when my husband mentioned that Nutella is a popular smoothie ingredient, I was all in! My kids took a little convincing – one wanted a strawberry smoothie and the other wanted a chocolate smoothie. But with a little Mommy Magic (might have been bribery but I’m not telling) we managed to agree upon this Strawberry & Nutella Smoothie.


We topped our smoothies with whipped cream to create something a big more decadent, but they taste great straight from the blender too! Speaking of blenders, mine is not pictured here because it is in sad, sad shape. We actually bought a new blender for my husband for Father’s Day (like I said, he loves smoothies!) but it’s still in the box and it seemed like he should get to use it first.

easy kid smoothie recipes

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TOPIC: Easy Kid Smoothie Recipes


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