October 2, 2016

Easy Halloween Project: Milk Jug Ghosts

Easy Halloween Project: Milk Jug Ghosts



If you are looking for a last minuet Halloween project to do with you kids, then you will love this Easy Halloween Project: Milk Jug Ghosts! These little cuties are easy to make, and you can make them as scary, or in my case not so scary,as you would like! I am not the best artist, as I am sure you can see, but my little girl chose the designs and thought they were great! It’s also a great way to use something that you would normally throw away! We are using our ghosts to line our walkway on Halloween night for trick-or-treaters! 

Here is how to make this Easy Halloween Project: Milk Jug Ghosts:



Step 1: Gather your supplies. You will need milk (or water) jugs, white and black paint, and glow sticks! Make sure your jugs have been cleaned out and dried, and the labels peeled off.



Step 2: Paint your jugs white (or even easier, find white jugs!) Let them dry completely!



Step 3: Next, pick out the designs for your ghosts, my little one picked a classic ghost, and a “vampire pumpkin girl ghost with a bow!”. Paint your designs on with your black paint. If you have a white milk jug you could use a marker, but a marker will not work over the paint. (Trust me, I tried!)



Step 4: The last step is to crack some glow sticks in which ever color you would like and put them in your jugs, screw on the lid and watch your ghosts start to glow! Set them outside on Halloween night for a fun decoration for your porch! This entire project took me about 30 minuets from start to finish, and is super festive! It’s a great project to let your kids do, and is a great way to get you in the Halloween Spirit!

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