Easy Halloween Makeup for Kids: Monster High Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup for Kids: Monster High Makeup


Monster High has been a popular Halloween costume for a few years now, and I can see why, they are SO cute! My little girl personally is in love with all things Monster High, and has every doll, and even the ! So I decided to see how easy it would be to recreate these most popular Monster High character looks. We went with Frankie Stein, Abbey Bominable, and Draculaura! I decided to go with more of a “Makeup” look, rather than a “Facepaint” look. I was able to achieve some pretty cute looks, and I think this makeup would go perfect with any Monster High CostumeHere is how to create these Monster High Halloween Makeup Looks:


First, we did a Dragulaura look! She is a vampire, so I started with a white base on Jaiden (my oh-so-cute model) Which I got from a Halloween makeup kit from Walmart (I think I paid $5 for it, and it had 10 cream makeup colors) Dragulaura is pretty simple as far as makeup goes. Pink eye shadow, dark eyebrows, pink lips, and of course, her heart shaped birthmark. I used a pink eyeliner stick to draw her heart on. You could really get into character by buying a pink and black wig, or by using colored hair spray!


Next, we have my little girls favorite Monster High character…Frankie Stein. Frankie”s look has a few more steps than Dragulaura”s look, but is still really easy to achieve. Again, I didn”t want to go for a “facepaint” look, so instead of using a cream makeup to achieve the green look that Frankie has, I opted to use a shimmery green eyeshadow ever the entire face. It worked well, and cleaned up really easily! Next, we used a purple eyeshadow for Frankie”s eye look, and a red lip. After applying the basic makeup, you have to add her signature stitches, which can be easily achieved using eyeliner.


And last but not least, we tried an Abbey Bominable! Abbey”s look is an easy look to achieve as well. It is a little hard to tell from the photo, but Jaiden”s face is in fact blue! I used a shimmery blue eyeshadow on her enitre face, and then followed up with pink eyeshadow, and pink lips! Instant Abbey!

This looks were so easy and fun to make, and really got my little one into the Halloween spirit! Looking for another type of Halloween makeup? Leave me a comment and I will see if I can do a post for you!


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