September 9, 2017

Easy Halloween Sugar Skull Make Up for Kids

Easy Halloween Sugar Skull Make Up for Kids

Sugar Skull Make Up

I’m back with another easy Halloween make up for kids this week! May I present to you my Sugar Skull Make Up! Let me start off by saying I am far from a make up artist, I am a mom and blogger, so this is not supposed to be “professional” It’s supposed to be a fun and easy make up you can do for your kids (or yourself!) and you can achieve a look like this with a simple Halloween Make Up kit. Let’s get started!

Here is how to create this Easy Sugar Skull Make Up look:


First You will start out with a clean face, using white liquid face paint, cover the whole face of your model. Let dry completely


Then, using a black make up crayon outline the eyes from the eyebrow down to the cheekbone and then fill in completely. (Make sure to be careful the closer you get to the eyeball!) and then do the same with the nose.

sugar skull

Next, It’s time Decorate! My daughter chose red to outline her eyes, you can choose any color you like!

sugar skull

Then, it’s time to move up to the forward. We made a simple spider web design. We also drew a line from each side of the mouth to the jaw bone and made lines on the lips for a creepy effect.


Last, let all your make up dry completely, style your hair, and have an awesome Halloween!

We had a a lot of fun creating this look and I’m sure you will too! There are so many different ways to make this look your own!

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