September 27, 2017

Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas

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How to “level up” your Halloween game for $10, $25, $50, or $100 at At Home Stores!

"Level up" your Halloween game for $10, $25, $50, or $100 at At Home Stores!

Want to get into the Halloween spirit, but don’t have a lot of decorating funds? At Home Stores has you covered! I found plenty of things that can kick your Halloween game up a notch on a budget anyone can work with.

Get those cool Halloween decorations for less at At Home Stores.

Save big on Halloween decorations at At Home Stores.

Save big on Halloween decorations at At Home Stores

If you really just want to hand out candy to cute trick-or-treaters or live in a place where door decorations are as far as you can go, a great way to get in the spirit is wrapping the door in a mummy theme! I found a roll of ribbon and these light up spooky eyes for a total of $10! It is a simple, yet effective way to decorate within limits. Simply string the white ribbon crisscross across the door to create a “mummy” look. Hang the eyes to appear as though they are peeking out from the wrappings… and there you go!

This Halloween mummy door will surely be a big hit to trick or treaters.

Another great entryway decoration is a Halloween themed wreath! We did a candy corn themed wreath last year but I wanted to mix it up this year. For $25 I was able to make a cool Halloween wreath (by the way the spiderweb is actually a placemat– get creative with this one)!

Add this cool Halloween wreath to your house and welcome guests for a spooky and fun Halloween.

I was lucky enough to have my five year old son accompany me to shop for decorations and as great as wanting everything all at once is, it isn’t practical. Luckily we were at At Home Stores and most of the things he wanted were not expensive so I could actually say yes. As much as it is fun to have a theme, occasionally it is just as much fun to let a kid tell you what their perspective is (spoiler alert: my kid is super random!). One of the best values he found though were these great orange trash bags that you fill with leaves or crumpled paper and turn into lawn pumpkins. At $1.99 for two big pumpkins it certainly gets plenty of bang for it’s buck. Same goes for classic cotton spider webs and giant spider. While the spider was a splurge, the effect of the spiderweb is amazing for the $2.99 investment. Though with a kid constantly adding to the look and not removing anything the look is now ringing in at $75 (mental note not to take the kids shopping when trying to be frugal)!

These pumpkin bags are super cheap but super cool Halloween decor that everyone will love.

Get ready for Halloween with cool decorations from At Home Stores

If you are really going big, an inflatable lawn ornament is the way to go! Because my kids are younger, they still get frightened by anything to much taller than them that is spooky. Keeping it kid friendly is really very important in home decoration when you are hoping against hope not to get the latter “trick” part of the holiday. So for under $100 you could recreate this look at your local At Home Stores as well! Happy Halloween!

Go big this Halloween with a cool inflatable Halloween decor from At Home Stores

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