Easy Crafts for Kids: Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

Easy Crafts for Kids : Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

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Easy Crafts for Kids: Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Supplies:

Empty Toilet Paper Roll

Paint or Markers

Cotton Balls

Paper Plate

2 Googly Eyes

1 Pipe Cleaner

1 Pom Pom


Paint the Toilet Paper Roll the color of your choice or you can use markers to color it in.

Cut out ears from paper plate–make sure to leave a 2 inch strip at the bottom of the ear to glue on toilet paper roll.

Color middle of ears pink.

Glue Cotton Balls around edges of ears.

While the ears are drying, glue on googly eyes to one side of the toilet paper roll.

Glue the pom-pom for the nose under the eyes.

Clip the pipe cleaner into 4 equal pieces, glue 2 on each side of the nose.

Cut 2 teeth out of remaining paper plate and glue under nose.

Glue ears on the back inside of the toilet paper roll.


Now you have completed this Easy Crafts for Kids: Toilet Paper Roll Bunny!

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