Easy Cookie Recipes for Kids : Easter Recipe Bunny Face Cookies

Easter Recipe

Easter Recipe Bunny Face Cookies

These bunny face cookies are sure to put a “hop” in your step!

Here is what you need:

Nutter Butter cookies

white chocolate chips

mini chocolate chips

pink M and M’s

pink gel frosting

sour straws candy-pink, or color of your choice

First, melt the white chocolate chips according to the directions on the package. Once melted, using kitchen tongs, dip the Nutter Butter cookie into the white chocolate, covering all sides. Place the dipped cookie on a sheet of wax paper and allow to harden for about 10-20 seconds. Be careful not to let it harden too much, or you won’t be able to attach the decorations. You may also need to take a knife and smooth out the chocolate from where your tongs were.

You are now ready for some help from your pint-sized cookie decorators to pretty them up! Attach a pink M and M on the lower half of the cookie, for the nose. Then, cut the sour straws to the size you want for your whiskers. I did 2 whiskers on each side of the nose. Add the mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
Now, take the pink gel frosting and make an outline of 2 ear shapes on the top portion of the cookie. Fill in the shape with the frosting. I then took a butter knife and gently “cut” away the excess chocolate on the sides.

Voila!! “Hop” to it and enjoy your Easter creations!


Thanks to Abby W. for this Easter Recipe!

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