March 10, 2017

Easter Pinterest Fails

Easter Pinterest Fails

Recently I had some success at being a “Pinterest perfect mom” by making these wonderful cookies with my Wilton Cookie Press. Coming off of that high, I want to do more Pinterest DIY Projects so I decided that Easter crafts are the logical next step.

Easter Pinterest Project

Boy was I wrong! I found a cute craft my friend Sarah on Facebook had done with her children earlier in the day. She often has the most wonderful crafts on her page. She is the Pinterest mom I long to be. She sent me the pin and I (in my infinite wisdom) decided that I obviously knew better then the original crafter on how best to accomplish it.

Easter DIY Project

Again, I was so wrong. I thought, “Why would anyone use messy paints? Why not use markers instead?”. In my mind I thought, “The original Pinterest lady obviously only has one kid to watch while doing this craft”. I have three kids (one of which is a baby, so I only have one hand to use at any given moment). I thought I would get the kids more involved by letting them draw on their own hands before imprinting the paper. Two things to note for next time: First, check to make sure that the markers to use are washable and second, do not turn your back to change a dirty diaper (or for any reason at all for that matter!). I repeat… Do. Not. Turn. Your. Back.

Easter Crafts with Kids

Rookie mistake. Three kids in and you would think I would’ve learned! So, I thought I would redeem the situation by making little Easter egg patterns on my thumb and imprinting them. Refer back to the first point about washable markers. Wow sleep deprivation really does do a number on you!

Pinterest project fail

Honestly, at the end of the day the goal really is to have fun and make some memories with your kids. They will never remember that those crafty baby chicks looked awful, but maybe they will remember laughing hysterically because to keep from exploding out of frustration I may or may not have sacrificed my toothbrush to “scrub” the market off of them. I needed a new toothbrush anyway.

Easter DIY Pinterest Project Fail

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