Easter Centerpiece: Spring Nest $4 Easter Table Decor

Easter Centerpiece

My table was in much need of some cute, simple Easter Decor, but my wallet told me it also needed to be inexpensive. So, I headed to the dollar store! I was able to put together a cute Easter centerpiece, a spring nest with 4 simple items, a little hot glue and a couple of things I had on hand at home.

Here is what you need:

  • 1 foam wreath
  • 1 package of spanish moss
  • 1 clip-on bird
  • 1 box of mini Robin Eggs Whoppers
  • 1 piece of cardboard
  • Glue gun and glue
  • ribbon ( I raided my ribbon stash!)
  • pretty plate for displaying your wreath

The first thing I did was to place the wreath on a piece of cardboard. I traced around the inside of the wreath. This was to make a ‘base’ for my nest, in order to fill the hole in the middle of the wreath. Cut out the circle from the cardboard. I then gently pushed the cardboard circle into the foam wreath. I kept it towards the top of the wreath. I then filled in the few gaps with some hot glue in order to make sure it was secure. Once that was done, I began gluing the spanish moss around the outside portion of the wreath. It was a lot like frosting a cake! Continue to glue the moss all around the sides and top of the wreath. Once that is done, take your ribbon and measure how long of a piece you need to go around the outside portion of the wreath. Glue the ribbon to the wreath. I then made a small bow and attached it where the ends of the ribbon met. Glue your mother bird down and add her eggs to the center of the wreath. (I did not use the pink ones.) Display on a pretty plate of your choice and enjoy your beautiful $4 creation!

Thanks to Abby W. for this Easter centerpiece project!

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