March 12, 2013

Easter Centerpiece: For under $5

Easter Centerpiece

I know we all think wow I have people coming over what am I going to do for an Easter Centerpiece? I often plan little parties for the kids we have special teas and desserts just for fun. I love to make little centerpieces for them but honestly like it better if the kids make them with me. I have to make them on a budget because we really try hard to achieve financial success.


Easter Centerpiece

This is what you will need to make an Easter Centerpiece Peeps, sticks, and ribbon, scissors, glass beads, and a vase.

Easter Centerpiece

We made another Easter Centerpiece for the parent’s table but they wanted to make their own for their table. I think creating crafts is so much fun so why not. I let my little ones create their own project. We love creating projects with peeps.Easter Centerpiece

Then my son decided to put the ribbon on the sticks. They weren’t able to make the bows so I helped with that but they made up their own way to wrap the sticks which was just fine with me. It is important to let the kids create their own project. They decided to create their centerpieces with peeps.

Easter Centerpiece

I love to give me children materials and just see what they do with them. The final project was really cute. I think it is was really fun to watch them. They enjoyed making it and eating it. They said they could send people home with a peep pop. I love how their imagination manifests into a greta project and a wonderful memory.

Easter Centerpiece

Check out our Easter page for cute $5 Easter Centerpieces and our other Easter projects!

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