May 15, 2015

Duck Butt Dilemma Solved! Hair Care tips for boys!

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Hair Care tips for boys!

So I have two boys and I really never thought I would have to worry much about their hair or hair care. In fact, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t have long lovely locks to braid or put into cute little pony tails. However, even as a mom of boys I found my self facing new and interesting hair and bathing challenges. You may be facing some of these challenges yourself so I am sharing my best hair care tips for boys.

Solving the duck butt dilemma with hair care tips for boys


Hair Care tips for boys!

One of my sons has very thick, very course hair just like his mother. He also swims almost daily. The combo of thick course hair and daily exposure to chlorine and pool chemicals leaves his hair feeling like straw. So I priced out the expensive special shampoo’s for swimmer’s and decided that they were just not in my budget. I tried to convince my son to keep his hair cut shorter but no way, he likes it longer. Finally, I decided to try pretreating his hair. I had always heard that if you get your hair wet before you go in the water then it will soak up less chlorine. I decide to take it one step further. I started using Suave Kids Detangler before he went to the pool. I just spray his hair all over and it helps it from getting stiff and dry from all the chlorine.

The other problem with boys hair is duck butt. If you are a mom of boys then you are all to familiar with this occurrence. They wake up in the morning and the back of their hair is standing up every which way and looks like a duck’s butt. This is especially true for my younger son who has super fine thin hair. It gets so fuzzy and messy and will not lay down nicely even if you wet it. So I use detangler for that too. Just spray it on, comb it down and no more duck butt. This saves us precious time especially when we are getting ready for church early on Sunday mornings.

Hair Care tips for boys use detangler to tame duck butt

Moms of boys also know that getting boys to take baths is in itself a challenge. Getting them in the tub can sometimes be a challenge but the real challenge comes when it is time to get clean. They wan tto play and refuse to hold still for shapooing and conditioner. That is why I love 2 in 1 products like Suave 2-in-1 Surfs Up Shampoo. It is also a tear free formula so when they are squirming you don’t have to worry about getting soap in their eyes. It also helps if we use body wash instead of regular soap. They want to be independent but using a wash cloth or bar of soap can be difficult for small hands so if you use Suave Free & Gentle Body Wash for Kids they can put it on a fun body pouf and wash themselves.

Hair care tips for boys use 2 in 1 products to save time

Being the only girl in a house full of boys means that at the end of the day you will need a bath even if you already showered. I love to pamper myself with Caress Daily Silk Body wash and great smelling hair care products like Suave Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the smell and my hair always looks great when I use Suave.

Hair Care Tips for mom

What challenges do you face trying to tame you kid’s hair? Please share your hair care tips with us!

Where do you shop for your families hair care needs? I picked up all the products I needed at Save A Lot! The price is always great and I can always find everything I need.

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