January 13, 2013

Do Not Use Coupons

Do Not Use Coupons

I am sure you are wondering why a deal blogger is telling you not to use coupons. The answer is simple the coupons I am talking about are ones that make you spend more than you originally wanted to spend. They are those sneaky coupons that have multiple items on them to save $.50 but the items aren’t on sale and you do not need three.There are coupons that will actually cost you money to use. It depends on how your store doubles coupons like Kroger’s Double Coupon doubles at $.50 or below so using a $.75 coupons over a $.50 coupons at Kroger is not a good coupon. You also need to read coupon policies to determine how stores  treat buy one get one free products. Do they charge 50% for each product or do they charge 100% for one and nothing for the second. It makes a huge difference at stores like Harris Teeter. If you know Harris Teeters coupon policy.

I love coupons but you have to know how to use them to really save money. The other Do Not Use Coupons examples are to buy things you are not going to use or eat. I know sometimes items are free but are they? If you took time to cut the coupon and drove to the store than it cost both time and money. I used about 10 coupons a week on things that we need. I believe that cutting a billion coupons encourages you to buy stuff you do not really need. I also encourage you to read at the grocery store if you look at the cost per… unit of measurement and the cost for the item with the coupon isn’t less than another brand put away the coupon.

This is the worst  coupon I have ever seen 

and it is the  one coupon I would never use<—-

This 2013 our goal is to save more money! MadameDeals is all about Making Dollar$ Out of Change, so everyday we will be sharing some useful and simple tips that we can easily do. Saving a few buck$ may not be a lot, but if you will combine all the savings that you can get within a year, I’m sure you’ll all be surprised with the result.

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