September 30, 2016

Homemade Outdoor Halloween Decorations: DIY Witch Legs

Homemade Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Witch Legs DIY

DIY Witch Legs

Make these cute, crashed witch legs for $5 and add a funny focal point to your yard this Halloween!  This craft is super simple and easy for the kids to do or help with creating.  My son had fun positioning them in the bushes.  😉

DIY Witch Legs

Supplies for DIY Witch Legs

Adult sized, striped, Halloween pantyhose (I bought these last year after Halloween, for $2.50)

Old witchy looking shoes (I bought these at Goodwill for $2)

A ton of plastic grocery bags (sorry folks, I didn’t count how many but it was a lot)


Assembling the legs is simple.  Start by cutting off the legs of the hose, where the leg and brief meet.

DIY Witch Legs

Then ball up the grocery bags and begin stuffing them in the legs until they are firm enough to resemble a leg and be supportive enough for the shoes to sit on top.  I had thought that a swim noodle may work well to add additional support but since it’s late in the season, these were already gone where I live.  Perhaps pipe insulation (that looks like a swim noodle but smaller) would work as well.

DIY Witch Legs

Once the legs are filled to your liking, tie them off and begin shaping them and fitting them into the shoes.  Place them outside in a bush or at the base on your house so it looks like the house fell on her.  Super cute, easy, cheap and something that will get noticed this Halloween!

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