March 19, 2013

DIY Sewing Crafts: Envelope Pillow Case

DIY Sewing Crafts

DIY Sewing Crafts

I am going to show you how to make one of the easiest sewing projects I have ever done, and I was able to get it done in about 30-45! The project is a envelope pillow case that will end up fitting a 20″ pillow form.

DIY Sewing Crafts

If you want the same fabric on the front and back of your pillow case you will need a yard of fabric, if you want to do different fabric on the back and front get a 1/2 yard of each. With the fabric you will be using for the front of the pillow case cut a 20×20″ square. Then with the fabric you want for the back of the pillow cut a 20×12″ piece, and a 20×14″ piece.

DIY Sewing Crafts

Take the two pieces you just cut for the back of the pillow case, and on the long side (20″ side) fold the edge a 1/2″ towards the wrong side and iron, do the same thing on both of the back side pieces (see photo). Now you can sew along your folded and ironed edge on both pieces (see photo).

DIY Sewing Crafts

Now place all three pieces right sides together and pin. I used four pins, you can use more if it will make you more comfortable. Now sew around all four edges, once you have done that turn the pillow case inside out and you are finished! Put the pillow case over your pillow form like an envelope and you have a beautiful new pillow made with your own fabric, and for much less money than paying for it already made.

DIY Sewing Crafts

Thanks to Ali J. for this diy sewing crafts project!

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