February 21, 2013

DIY Recycled Crayons: Fruity Shaped Crayons Craft

Crayons Craft

So crayons are a favorite of every kid.  Most adults as well.  Though not all will admit it.  I do love coloring with my kids.

Someone made some shapes for my kids and I had to figure out how to make them.

First start off with a mold.  I used ice cube molds made of silicone.

Peel the crayons.  I found it easiest to use a knife to slit the wrappers and then let the kids pull them off.  I did also rip off with my hands.
You can melt the crayons in a small plastic cup. You can then pour it into the molds.  You have to pour fast, as the wax does start to solidify quickly.  You will lose wax in the cup.


Here is how it will look.  You will want to just place on the side and let it harden.  This will take a few hours to really harden.
Another way is to break the crayons up and place into the molds.  Each of my molds holds 1 crayon.  So I break one per spot.  The entire crayon does not fit, so I place the others on the side, and as they start to melt I add more into the mold.
As you can see they are melting nicely.  This is when I add the extra crayon pieces into the mold.
When making this way, I get a skillet large enough that I can place the mold into it.  I fill with a bit of water.  I do place a towel in the bottom of the skillet.  The towel protects my skillet and keeps the silicone from burning at the bottom.
If I get impatient and want to make the process go faster, you can place a lid on the skillet to heat the water faster.  If you leave the lid on with the crayons in it, then you will get water in the crayons.  And you don’t want to


And after a few hours pop them out and you have crayons.  My kids love them.  They enjoy being able to color with something different.  They like to show them off to their friends as well.  So enjoy making your own crayons.

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Sharon is a Stay at home mom, who loves to craft. She started doing crafts as a young child. She started more crafting as she became a mom. She learned there was a lot of things that could be made yourself, and would last longer than store bought items. Crafting allows her to spend more time with her children. Her children are 2 and 4. They are at the age the perfect age where they enjoy making things for everyone else as well. She runs a HN Designs and has a Blog A Little Bit of Everything.

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