October 11, 2013

DIY Project: Easy Ruffled Bedskirt Tutorial Using Old Bedding

Easy Bedskirt Tutorial

Bedskirt Tutorial

Have old beddings lying around? Get them out and follow the post to turn them into a pretty ruffled bedskirt.


I used old bedding and old curtains to make this ruffled bed-skirt.

I started off by laying the curtains on the floor and cut out 5 inch strips length wise.

For each step of the skirt I need two 80inchX5inch strips.

The next step was to fold in the edges using the hemming foot of the sewing machine.

Then I added ruffles by hand. Makes things easier that way.

And then I sewed the ruffled strips onto the old bedding using my sewing machine.

ruffled bedskirt

As you can see from the picture below, I sewed them from the wrong side and then flipped them out, so that the seams stayed hidden behind the ruffles.

Total 4 hours and I was done! A pretty ruffled bed-skirt is what we got from unused fabrics.




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Javeriya is a medical student who loves crafts, diy and home decor and currently blogs at BelievenInspire. Join her in her latest passion for hand-embroidery and different DIY tutorials.

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