DIY Paper Flower Tissue

DIY Paper Flower Tissue



If you are looking for a fun (and easy) spring craft to make, then you should give these DIY Paper Flower Tissue a try! My daughter said she wanted something “pretty and colorful” for our entertainment center, and suggested flowers. I love flowers but I have to admit, a green thumb I do not have, and flowers die quickly around here. Then I remembered some super cute DIY paper flower tissue  that I had made for my wedding and thought those would be perfect! I love making them because they are cheap, and easy enough for my daughter to help me with! (See that little blue flower in the photo? My 6 year old made that all by herself! So let’s get started making them shall we?

Here is what you will need to make these DIY Paper Flower Tissue:



  • Tissue Paper! (8 sheets for each flower) in whatever colors you would like
  • Floral wire (or string)
  • scissors

Here is how to make these DIY Paper Flower Tissue:



Step 1: First separate your sheets and pick your color pattern. You could pick all one color, half and half, or one color on top of the others. Lay your sheets in the pattern you want and make sure they are even and smooth.



Step 2: Next, start folding your paper. You will do this landscape style and back and forth like a fan from one end to the other.


Step 3: Once your flower is folded, secure it in the middle with floral wire. (You could also use string)



Step 4: Next you will want to create your petal shape. You can do this by cutting each end of your tissue paper. You can cut them round, triangle, or square. Each shape will create a different effect.


Step 5: Starting from the inside pull a single layer of tissue paper up toward the center. Continue doing this  1 side at a time until your flower forms! You can fluff and adjust as needed.




That’s it! After you have fluffed your layers out you will have a perfectly cute DIY Paper Flower Tissue! You can see from the photo above the different shape “petals” you can make by cutting the ends. The blue and purple flower is done with a round tip, the pink and yellow was cut with a triangle tip, and the small blue with a square tip. This is a perfect spring project to share with your kids, and it cost around a $1 for all 3 flowers! (I got the tissue paper from the dollar tree and already had floral wire)



So grab a kid and start crafting today!

What are some of your favorite crafts to make with your kids ? Let us know in the comments below!

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