DIY Magazine Picture Frame

DIY Magazine Picture Frame



If you are looking for a fun way to personalize a regular picture frame, check out how to make this DIY Magazine Picture Frame! This frame is an easy (and fun!) project to do, and it can really bring your picture frames to life! Best yet, it’s practically free to make! Most of us have some kind of magazine subscription, or you could even use sales flyers! All you need to do this project is a picture frame (I grabbed mine from the dollar store), tacky glue (make sure to get the clear kind) and some magazines!

Here is how to make this DIY Magazine Picture Frame:



Step 1: Choose your color palette. In the photo I chose for my frame, my little girl is wearing a dress with pink, blue,green,red, and yellow. So I made sure to pick out some magazine pages in those same colors, along with some whites to break it up. Tear pages out, and cut them into different sized strips, from about 1/4 of an inch, to about 1 1/2 inches.



Step 2: Once you have your stips cut, you will start to roll them. I found that wrapping the pieces of magazines around a bobby pin seems to work well. You want to make sure that you wrap them tight so they will not be big, and will stay together.


Step 3: After you have rolled up a piece of magazine, glue the flap down. Use a thin line of glue, and press down with your finger. Do this for each strip of magazine you have. Set them aside until you have glued them all.


Step 4: Time to assemble your DIY magazine picture frame! I suggest starting at the top and working your way down. You will glue the rolls seam side down onto the picture frame. I would glue them in rows across the top, while making sure to alternate colors so it doesn’t get blokey. If you have some pieces that are too long for the sides you can just trim off the excess once the glue is completely dry.

And that’s it! You’ve made your own DIY Magazine Picture Frame!

This project was fun, and easy and it really made a boring picture frame into something fun to look at!

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