October 18, 2012

DIY Handmade Vest for Kids

Do you know what is just under 10 weeks away? If you guessed Christmas then you are CORRECT. It’s that time of year that we have to start thinking about what to purchase for everyone.

I know I am already seeing a TON of items in the store for Christmas time. My only thought is that it isn’t even Halloween yet. It used to wait until after Halloween to see Christmas.

So we have started discussing things. And of course money is tight as it is for everyone else. I do a lot of sewing and am crafty. Upon listening to my kids the last few weeks, I have figured out what they are getting.

This year will be a lot of handmade items. I know some people think handmade and are turned off from it. But there is a HUGE difference between handmade and homemade. Homemade items, just don’t look as good to me. But when the time was taken and they are handmade they are really great items.

So far I have made my son a vest and am working on a hat to go with it.  I also made my daughter a vest.

Kids Vest

All of them are reversible.  My sons I used his favorite.  Thomas the train and bob the builder.  I had to be careful with the bob fabric, since there are a lot of scenes on it.  I had to pick out some of the best that I liked for this one.  I might be making another one, with some of the other scenes.  I think this will be hard to get off of him

For all 3 of my kids they will be getting vests to use when they are Hunting.  So of course they need some type of camo.  My daughters has to be pink.  I chose the john deer for the one side.

For the other side I found this cute tree camo print.  At first, I wasn’t too sure about it.  But now I am loving it.  Thinking about going to buy some more, and make a dress for her.

Watch next week to see what else I decide to make.

Thanks to Sharon of A Little Bit of Everything for this post!

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