DIY Glitter Globe Ornaments

DIY Glitter Globe Ornaments



If you are looking to add a little DIY flare to your Christmas tree this year, then you should try out these DIY Glitter Globe Ornaments! They are super simple to make, and will look stunning on your Christmas Tree! I love doing this project with my little girl, and it’s great because you can pick your own colors to incorporate into your ornaments, and the color combinations are endless!  All you need for this project is glitter (however many colors you want to use!), floor polish, and glass ornaments.




And a super cute assistant to help you out 😉

Here is how to make these DIY Glitter Globe Ornaments:



Step 1: Take you clean glass ornament and pour a little of your floor polish in it. You shouldn’t need more than a tsp full. I would recommend doing this over something like a pan so you don’t spill anything on your table. Place your finger over the opening and swirl the polish around the ornament, coating it.



Step 2: Pick your color scheme for your ornament. start out using your base color, which will be the color most prominent in your ornament. You will not need a lot of glitter, because you will not be filling the ornament up, just coating with it. About a tbsp will do.


Step 3: Swirl your ornament around so that the glitter coats the inside where the floor polish is. Make sure to leave some gaps for your other colors. After you have achieved the coverage you want, empty the excess glitter through the hole at the top.


Step 4: Go back in with your remaining colors and do as you did with the first color. set your ornament upside for about 10 minuets to let it dry.



Step 5: Place your ornament top back on, and hang on your tree!

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